3M™ Faceshields WP Series

3M™ WP-series polycarbonate and acetate Faceshields certified to EN 166:2001, provide protection against high speed particles, liquid splashes and molten metal splashes

3M™ WP-series Faceshields provide protection against UV

3M™ WP-series clear Faceshields are optical class 1, curved and flat face polycarbonate or acetate aceshields with protection against high speed particles of medium energy (120 m/s), grade B, or of low energy (45 m/s), grade F

3M™ WP-Series Faceshields is a range of polycarbonate and acetate faceshields, certified to EN 166:2001 and designed to protect against impact of high speed particles and other industrial hazards. These faceshields are designed to fit 3M™ SecureFit™ X5000 & X5500 Safety Helmets and H8 headgear

3M™ clear WP-series faceshields are certified to EN 166 and designed to provide protection against various industrial hazards including high speed particles, UV radiation, liquid splashes or molten metal splashes. They’re optical class 1 and provide protection against high speed particles of medium energy (120 m/s), grade B, or protection against particles with low energy (45m/s), grade F. Our clear WP-series faceshields are made from acetate or polycarbonate. They’re designed to fit 3M™ X5000 SecureFit™ series using the U5B Faceshield Mounting System and the H8 headgear. The snap in feature makes it quick and easy for the faceshields to connect to the Faceshield Holder. All WP-series faceshields are compatible with 3M™ V9 hard hat integrated safety glasses, 3M™ PELTOR™ ear muffs and communication headsets.

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