3M Safety Vest Orange

The reflective material conforms to EN 471 standards for a level 2 separate performance reflective material and is certified for 25 domestic wash cycles at 60oC. Washing instruction and specification, which is clearly written on the vest label and the enclosed instruction sheet respectively. Please note that the 2925 reflective fabric used CANNOT be branded as 3M(tm) Scotchlite(tm) Reflective Material but only as 3M Reflective Material, which will also appear on the loop label that is stitched into the garment.

The 3M Safety Vest, when properly used, helps enhance the visibility of the wearer in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source, such as headlights, by returning the light back toward the original source and reaching the automobile driver’s eye. Fluorescent fabric also helps enhance daytime, dawn and dusk visibility

Product Details

  • High visibility safety vest is intended to reduce the risk of accidents by enhancing the visibility of the wearer in day-time and night-time conditions
  • Avaiale in different sizes
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh
  • High visibility and makes the Safety checks easie






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